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Sky Terraces-Payment Plan

Construction Link Payment Plan for Premium Residential Apartments  “SKY TERRACES” at Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur.

Booking Amount 15%
On Raft Casting 10 %
On Roof Casting of Upper Basement 10%+ (Lease Money Charges)
On Roof Casting of 1st floor 10 % + (Car Parking)
On Roof Casting of 4th floor 10%
On Roof Casting of 8th floor  10% + (Gas Bank Charges)
On Roof Casting of 12th floor   10% + (Electrification Charges)
On Roof Casting of 17th floor 10%   
On Roof Casting of  final Slab 10% + (Club House Charges)
On Final Possession 5%   + (IFMS /corpus)
 Additional Charges:-
Club House Charges Rs.1,00,000/-
Car Parking  Rs.2,25,000/- L.B/U.B
  Rs.3,00,000/- LGF/UGF/First Floor
Gas Bank Charges Rs.30,000/-
Electrification Charges Rs.50/- per sq ft.
Interest Free Maintenance security Rs.50,000/-
One Time Lease Money Charges Rs.50/- per sq ft.

  #Regular monthly maintenance will be charged on actual                         

  * 3.09% Service Tax (applicable on B.S.P)